For a buyeer

We have revived the long-forgotten old folk craft - making felt boots for hand felling. Now this craft is mainly engaged in single artisans. Valenki is a purely Russian invention, our great-grandfathers have been making them in the villages for centuries. This process is very laborious, therefore, to replace it came the machine method of making felt boots. Due to this, the output increased, but the quality fell.

So what is the difference between manual and machine felt boots?

The quality of our boots is several orders of magnitude higher. Why?

  • 1. Our felt boots are very warm, because in their manufacture we use 100% sheep wool without any additives, so they can be worn on a thin toe and the leg will be like on a "stove".
  • 2. Our felt boots practically do not shrink. You can safely walk in puddles in them. After drying, they will not shrink a single centimeter. At the same time, the felt boots of the machine roll will fit in 3 sizes.
  • 3. As you know, sheep wool can be of different colors: white, gray, brown. We sort this wool, therefore our felt boots are produced in white, gray, brown colors. But at the request of the customer, we can paint felt boots in almost any color.
  • 4. As you know, people's legs are different, including non-standard, especially tops, so we accept individual orders.

We also produce "gypsy felt boots", the so-called knee pads with an elongated shaft. For home, especially for those who have cold floors, we sew slippers from felt, which is made from 100% sheep wool. There are no analogues to our slippers.